The AI didn’t think it was coming, and Shinseo hit… Nongshim Bae’s valuable first win

“In this scene, I surpassed the AI.”
Shin Shin-seo, 9th dan of the ‘New Public Intelligence’, won the black inheritance in 133 moves against Sheng Hao, 9th dan of China in the second round of the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramen Boat World Championship at Hotel Nongshim in Busan on Thursday.
After gaining the upper hand in the left and right flanks in the early to midgame, he aimed to cut off his opponent’s white pieces with a garlic knife move in the middlegame, which commentator Park Jung-sang said was “beyond artificial intelligence.”

The black and white war ended with Shin Shin-seo’s capture of white hemp, and the A.I. predicted a difference of about 35 moves, giving Shin Shin-seo a complete victory.

Shin’s victory, which left him as the final player among the five Korean teams, kept South Korea’s championship hopes alive.

Shin will face Japan’s Iyama Yuta 9th in the first match of the third round in Shanghai, China, next February.
In defeating Sheng Hao, Shin avenged his loss in the quarterfinals of last month’s Samsung Flower Farming Cup.

In that match, Shin was pushed to the brink in the closing stages of the tiebreaker and eventually won a stone when the hemp was caught. 카지노
This time, it was the exact opposite, as he neutralized most of Shenghao’s white stones to secure a convincing victory.

After seven wins, he has lost two in a row, but with this victory, he solidified his 8-2 head-to-head advantage.
Xu Shenghao was the first Chinese player out of the gate and defeated seven Korean-Japanese knights, including Korea’s Byun Sang-il, Won Sung-jin, and Park Jung-hwan 9th dan, in seven straight games for a bonus prize of 50 million won, but was stopped by the world’s strongest player, Shin Shin-seo.
Xu was unable to keep up with the speed of Shin, who had prepared well for the game and took the lead in the early game.
In particular, Shin made a decisive move that took away his opponent’s breathing space, which even the A.I. could not predict.

Shin’s move was not recommended by the AI, but after the stone was placed, Black’s advantage increased significantly to around 10 moves.

Commentator Park Jung-sang said, “It was a move that even A.I. hadn’t thought of.

I think I have to bow down to A.I. for learning a lesson.”
Shin will try to pull off a miraculous upset in the third round next year.

He will face Iyama 9th dan, as well as China’s Kou Ze, Guo Zhihao, Ding Hao, and Zhao Tianyu 9th dan.

A six-game winning streak would be a dramatic way to win the tournament.
Shin Shin-seo has made last-minute appearances at the tournament in the last three years, winning back-to-back games to bring home the trophy for Korea.

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