I lost again to Jung Kwan-jang → 15 losses in 15 matches, and the salary queen was sick… I’m becoming a vending machine for Jung Kwan-jang’s points, when will I get over my phobia?

The phobia of being a vending machine.
In this article, we’ll show you how to get started on your own, and how to get the most out of it.

The Red Sparks.

Before the home game on August 8, they had met 14 times and lost all 14 times.

Including cup competitions, they’ve lost 16 out of 16.
But winning isn’t the problem.

They’re struggling to get points.

Of the 14 games, only the first-round matchup in 2022-23 (2-3 loss) has resulted in a point.

Only one point out of a possible 42 has come from Pepper Savings Bank.
Ahead of the third meeting of the season with Chungwajang on Aug. 8, Trinzi said, “I told the players again what I always tell them.

The past is the past and the future is unknown.

I told them not to worry about previous results and to focus on one point and one point right now.”
Head coach Ko Hee-jin said, “It’s always hard to play against Pepper Savings Bank.

We have a strong sense of not wanting to lose.”
In the first set, the team took a 6-2 lead, but Pepper Savings Bank’s inherent weakness, consecutive errors, caused them to collapse.

At 11-8, they gave up five consecutive points, starting with an error and ending with an error.

They managed to pull back to 15-14 with back-to-back errors, but lost the lead after back-to-back goals from Megawati Puthiwi (registered name Mega) and Giovanna Milana (registered name Gia).

Yasmin Bedardt, also known as Yasmin, stepped up to the plate, but Park was silenced with a single point.
The second set was no different.

After a tense first set, Park made a series of unforced errors.

Park also felt shoulder pain and was replaced.

It could have been a crisis, but Pepper Savings Bank turned it into an opportunity.
They scored three consecutive points at 10-16 and four consecutive points at 14-18 to tie the game.

Park Sawa’s serve shook the Jung Kwan-jang receiving line, but it wasn’t the end.

At 18-18, Mega crawled back into the game with back-to-back errors.

The opponent’s successive errors and Park Eun-seo’s performance as a substitute brought the second set. 온라인카지노
It was a close second set.

In the third set, Pepper Savings Bank’s organization collapsed.

Starting at 0-0, they completely lost their grip on Yeom Hye-sun’s serve.

The shaky reception made it impossible for them to attack properly, giving the opponent a chance to counterattack or being blocked by the blocker.

Only Yasmin could do her job.

At one point in the third set, the score was 17-7 and ten points.

At the end of the set, Park Eun-seo, Lee Han-bi, and Yasmin scored back-to-back points, but it was too much to overcome the early deficit.

Mega, Jia, and Jung Ho-young combined for 19 points in the third set alone.
They tried their best in the fourth set, but came up short.

In the end, Pepper Savings Bank lost to Jungkwanjang 1-3 (23-25, 25-22, 16-25, 19-25) and suffered their seventh straight loss.

Jeonggwanjang’s first win since its inception was also awaited.

They remain at the bottom of the standings with 6 points (2-12).

Yasmin had 21 points, Lee Han-bi had 11, Park Eun-seo (who came in for Park) had 9, MJ Phillips (real name Phillips) had 8, and Ha Hye-jin had 7, but the absence of Park, who went down with shoulder pain early in the second set, was obvious.

With just two points, a 33% attacking percentage, and a 9% receiving efficiency, the difference between having Park on the court and not was huge.
She was also outblocked 8-11, with five of her attacks blocked by opposing middle blocker Jung Ho-young at key moments.

The team was inferior in all indicators, including 3-4 in serving, 20-10 in errors, 40%-45.26% in attack success rate, and 20.88%-34.72% in receiving efficiency.
“There were some good things, but there were some things that we need to do better,” said Coach Trinzi, “I don’t know exactly what Park’s condition is, but it wasn’t good.

In fact, if I asked him to play, he could have played, but he chose not to because he thought it would strain his shoulder when attacking or defending.”
Winning and losing at the same time.

Including this day, Jung has 44 points against Pepper Savings Bank.

Pepper Savings Bank is increasingly becoming a vending machine for Jeong’s points.
The fourth round matchup will be held on January 11, 2024 at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium.

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