‘Relegation-threatened’ Gangwon-Suwon FC played like it was life or death…data values are the highest

Playing to the death.
Players of Gangwon and Suwon FC recorded significantly more activity than other teams in the six games of the 33rd to 38th round of the K League 1 from October to this month.

The data shows that they were literally desperate to avoid relegation to the second-tier K League 2.
According to the final physical activity data for the 2023 season released by the Korea Professional Football Association on Thursday, Gangwon’s Shin Min-woo was the longest-running player in the K League 1, covering 75.25 kilometers in six games. 바카라사이트

Previously, Min-woo had run 71.58 kilometers in six games in April, ranking second in the category behind Aubertan (Pohang).

Suwon FC, who suffered relegation along with Gangwon, had three of the top five players in this category.

In addition to Yoon Beom-garam, who finished second with 69.86 kilometers in six games, Lee Young-jae (69.59 kilometers) and Park Chul-woo (67.37 kilometers) finished third and fifth, respectively.

In fourth place was FC Seoul’s Park Soo-il (69.41 kilometers).
Gangwon also took the top two spots in the top speed category.

Gangwon’s foreign striker Gallego topped the list with a top speed of 36.21 kilometers per hour in the 39th minute of the 37th round match against Suwon FC, sprinting down the left flank as teammate Gabriel intercepted the ball and timed his attack.

Kangwon’s other foreign striker, Wellington, also ranked second with a top speed of 35.33 kilometers per hour in a counterattack situation after an opponent’s corner kick in the 35th round against Jeju United.
The K League activity data utilizes optical tracking system technology to analyze players’ total running distance, top speed, number and distance of sprints, and more.

It was revived this year for the first time in three years after being introduced in 2020.

A representative from the K League explained, “In 2020, it was difficult to accurately compare and analyze the data because the 22 teams in the K League did not use the same tracking device, but from this year, all teams have applied the same measurement method, making it possible to accurately compare and analyze the data.”

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