Yoon Hyung-bin Thwa loses decision, fails to avenge ‘soy sauce terrorist’. The nine-year gap was too long

The ‘Fighter 100’ special match is an event match rather than an official martial arts match.

The match lasts only 100 seconds.

If the fight is not won in those 100 seconds, it will go into a 100-second overtime.
Yoon Hyung-bin got off to a good start, landing a shot to the face of Shoyu Nikki. However, as the fight wore on, his stamina seemed to wane.

Shoyu Nikki landed several more accurate punches.

It was only a 100-second fight, but by the end, it was clear that Yoon’s punches weren’t coming out right and he hadn’t played in nine years.
After 100 seconds, the three judges scored the fight 2-0 in favor of Shoyu Nikki and 1 tie.

The score was 2-0 in favor of Shoyu Nikki.
After the match, Shoyu Nicky came back as a good guy.

“I’m sorry I poured soy sauce on Yoon Hyung-bin,” she said, “I just did it because he has soy sauce in his name, but I love Korea.”
“When I came out, my son asked me, ‘If I lose, do I lose the championship?’

I was embarrassed to lose, but I said, ‘Dad was never a champion, I love you.'”

One of the most anticipated fights of the tournament, both by fight fans and the general public, was between Yoon Hyung-bin and Shoyu Nikki.

This is because Shoyu Nicky poured soy sauce on Yoon Hyung Bin.
Shoyu Nicky was the one who brought Yun back to the cage after nine years. She kicked him first.
It all started with a fight on Kwon’s YouTube channel, Fighter 100.

Shoyu Nikki, who was competing for Team Japan at the time, committed a foul by hitting Nangshim with a knee kick during a match against Korean player Kang Min-soo. 카지노

The impact was so hard that the foul cup protecting Nanshin cracked.

The game was over, and the incident was so serious that it turned into a brawl on the field.

After the game, Yoon complained to the Japanese team about what happened.

While listening to his story, Shoyu Nikki suddenly kicked Yoon Hyung-bin.

The scene quickly became chaotic, and the two decided to settle their differences on the Road FC stage.
At a press conference held on the 22nd of last month, Shoyu’s Nicky carried out a ‘soy sauce attack’.

After making provocative comments throughout the press conference, she suddenly brought soy sauce and poured it on Yoon Hyung-bin’s head.
When the photo shoot was barely over and they had a chance to talk, Shoyu Nicki continued the taunt, first saying, “I traveled all the way to Korea to fight at your weight, so you should thank me.”

“I don’t want to play around,” Yoon Hyung Bin said, “I’ll kill you half to death tomorrow,” and took a deep breath to control his boiling anger.
After the weigh-in, a press conference was held, and I was worried that Shoyu Nikki was going to do another “soy sauce attack”.
Yoon Hyung-bin said, “A dog doesn’t bark.

I’m really scared of Maltese and Yorkshire terriers, so I keep whimpering,” and said, “I’ll definitely bite the nape of her neck tomorrow.”

“Seriously, I don’t think it’s a competition, I think it’s a fight, and I’m going to kill you half to death,” he said, adding to Shoyu Nikki, “I hope you’re prepared to get beaten up a lot.””

You all want to see the cockroach fall down, don’t you?

I’ll show you all tomorrow on the Korean broadcast, so pay attention,” Shoyu Nikki said.
When the moderator asked her if she had brought soy sauce, Soyu Nikki suddenly rummaged through the shopping bag under her chair and held up a real bottle of soy sauce.

For a moment, everyone was tense.

Shoyu Nikki stood up and made a show of spraying the soy sauce bottle.

Luckily, the lid was still on.

Then Shoyu Nikki opened it and drank from it.

It turned out that the soy sauce bottle contained cola.

It was a prank.

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