‘Marei injured + Tello out of squad’ Changwon LG spar with Korea University with only domestic players… Asem Marei joins team training

Changwon LG sparred Korea University with only domestic players.

LG took four days off after their last game against Seoul SK on the 15th. The players were able to focus on ‘rest’ and ‘recovery’.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun explained the reason for the long break. Because Asem Marey (202 cm, C) was out for a long time, all the domestic players had to step up. 현금홀덤사이트 As a result, the physical strain on the players unknowingly piled up.

Jung Hee-jae (196 cm, F), one of LG‘s key resources, also said, “If you look at the playing time, our players might be less tired than other teams. But our players move more than theirs during their minutes. Also, Marei was out, so the players’ fatigue must have accumulated a lot,” he said, referring to the ‘physical burden’.

LG started training on the 20th. On the 23rd, they played a practice match against Korea University. The focus was on improving their game sense and match fitness.

However, LG was unable to play a full practice game. Yang Hong-seok (195 cm, F) was called up for the Asia Cup qualifiers, and Juan Tello (203 cm, F), the second option foreign player, had to fulfill his schedule with the Colombian national team.

Asem Marey (202 cm, C) was also unable to participate in the scrimmage against Korea University. He was not 100% fit. However, it’s encouraging that he attended team training.

So, LG had to play a practice game with only domestic players. They rotated their main resources, including Lee Kwan-hee (191 cm, G) and Lee Jae-do (180 cm, G), Jung Hee-jae (196 cm, F) and Justin Gutang (188 cm, F), and Yoo Yoo-sang (188 cm, G) and Yang Jun-seok (181 cm, G).

I also looked at the performance of backups and D-League players. Why Jung In-duk (196 cm, F), Park Jung-hyun (202 cm, C), Lee Seung-woo (193 cm, F), Kim Jun-hyung (201 cm, F), and Park Jun-hyung (195 cm, F) were used in practice.

Of course, LG’s practice matches were far from complete. The aforementioned two foreign players and the absence of Yang Hong-seok are the reasons. However, Korea University is a good practice opponent for LG right now. They have the best physicality and the best capabilities at the collegiate level.

Also, a team with only domestic players can show good defensive organization. Especially, when LG changed their defensive tactics, the sum of their domestic players stood out.

For that reason, LG’s defense was solid throughout the game, and as time went on, LG’s scoring pace increased. From the third quarter onward, they showed the difference with Korea University and finished the game without much change. After the game, LG will play another scrimmage against Korea University on the 24th.

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