Now, even in the dugout, ‘real-time ball decision confirmation’ Immediately appealing

KBO provides receivers that can be checked simultaneously with referees starting from the 23rd

KBO conducts joint training to adapt to ABS and pitch clock

Now, you can check the results of the ‘ABS‘ (automatic pitch judgment system) in real time even in the dugout.

Starting on the 23rd, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) will provide each stadium with a ‘receiver’ (in-ear) that can confirm ABS decisions almost simultaneously with the umpire.

KBO said, “The receiver can be worn by any team member in the dugout, including the scorer. If the receiver decision sound and the referee’s decision are different, you can request confirmation from the referee before the next pitch. Regarding the count at the end of the inning, “You can request confirmation within 20 seconds.”

He added, “Regardless of whether the club requests confirmation, ABS field personnel actively intervene in cases where strike or ball decisions are incorrectly applied, contrary to the receiver decision sound, and inform the referee that immediate correction is necessary.”

During the game between NC Dinos and Samsung Lions held in Daegu on the 14th, an ‘incident’ occurred in which a misjudgment was made due to not hearing the ABS’s decision properly, and the referee tried to hide it.

In this process, a blind spot was also revealed: the dugout could not check in real time whether the ball had passed the strike zone.

At the time, NC realized that the referee had misheard the pitch and called ‘ball’, and that ABS had judged it to be a ‘strike’ only after three more pitches had been made.

NC coach Kang In-kwon protested, but the ‘appeal statute of limitations’ had expired and the situation could not be reversed.

The KBO provided each team with a tablet PC to check ABS decisions. However, ‘time lag’ occurred when checking strike and ball decisions with this tablet.

The structure was such that the players of both teams checked the ball’s trajectory later than the fans watching the broadcast on TV. 카지노사이트

Broadcasters can use a dedicated line and first transmit simplified data to the broadcast screen to show viewers whether the ball has passed the strike zone in almost real time.

However, the Dugout tablet uses wireless Internet and contains more data. The more spectators, the slower the data transfer speed.

An official from one club said, “We have to wait 20 seconds after the pitcher finishes pitching to check the ball’s trajectory through the tablet. In some cases, there is a delay of more than a minute,” adding, “The pitcher must appeal before making the next pitch.” However, it is physically impossible to keep the ‘appeal statute of limitations’.”

After confirming the problem, KBO eliminated ‘time difference’ by deploying voice receiver equipment.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Until now, it was not possible to immediately check whether a strike or ball was properly judged in the dugout. Now that we can check right away, unnecessary time can be eliminated,” adding, “It will also help players adapt to ABS.” said. 토토사이트 추천

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