Saudi prepares to shell out 120 billion won to recruit 32-year-old Salah


Mohamed Salah to Saudi Arabia for £70m transfer fee?

Mohamed Salah’s transfer is expected to head to Saudi Arabia. Britain’s “Talk Sports” says Salah’s transfer has been drawing attention again since the Saudi soccer community began to spend a large transfer fee. Reports say the Alitihad team in the Saudi professional league has approached Salah to recruit him.

The transfer fee of £70 million is an incredible amount. Salah is already 32 years old, and she only has about one year left on her contract with Liverpool. It is reduced by half compared to the previously offered transfer fee.

토토사이트 predicts that Salah’s age and contract term may have been considered behind the offer. Nevertheless, the fact that there is a team that pays such a large amount shows that Saudi soccer has a great desire for international players and a great willingness to invest.

As interest grows in whether Salah will go to Saudi Arabia, attention is focused on what choice he will make for the new challenge.

Mohamed Salah to compete for Saudi Arabia!

It is expected that there will be competition for Mohamed Salah to go to Saudi Arabia. Alhilal, who is currently leading the professional league and is also performing in the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (UCL), is also aiming for Salah. Alhilal, who needs a striker due to Neymar’s injury, is showing great interest in Salah.

Salah has yet to be revealed about the salary offer he received, but a three-year contract period has been proposed. As a 32-year-old striker, being able to get an offer on a long-term contract means a lot. If the Saudi transfer guarantees him an ultra-high salary for three years, it will be an attractive option for Salah.

However, there are also predictions that Salah will not move to Saudi Arabia or anywhere else. After fulfilling his contract with Liverpool, he is expected to become a free agent and find a new team. In that case, the Saudi soccer community will once again be able to approach Salah next summer. Also, if Salah is seriously considering a move to Saudi Arabia, he will refer to his experiences with Sadio Mane or Roberto Firmino.

Salah’s obsession with recruitment seems to be due to the fact that Salah, the Egyptian representative, is a representative Muslim soccer player. In particular, the Al-Tihad has already recruited representative Muslim players such as Karim Benzema and N’Golo Kante.

As such, Salah’s move is expected to have a huge impact on the football world, and his decision will affect many.

PL Stars Tempting With Money In Saudi Arabia This Summer

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester United’s Casemiro and Raphael Varane are among the PL stars Saudi football clubs will tempt this summer.

Mohamed Salah is considered one of the star players born in 1992 along with Son, and has stood out in the PL again this season. Salah has 17 goals and 9 assists, and Son has 15 goals and 9 assists.

Also, Saudi clubs are interested in recruiting Son Heung-min. While Son Heung-min is iconic as Asia’s best star, Salah holds symbolism as Arab’s best star.

The transfer of these promising players is drawing keen attention from the Saudi soccer community, and if they are successful, Saudi football is expected to develop further.

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