KIA Jeong Hae-young ahead of ‘return match’ with Choi Jeong, “I will throw smartly today”

Haeyoung Jeong allowed her 467th home run after challenging Choi Jeong with a fastball two months ago

Jeong Hae-young pitching

Jeong Choi (SSG Landers)’s 467th home run, tying the record for the most home runs in the KBO League, came through a great game with KIA Tigers closing pitcher Jeong Hae-young.

Jeong Hae-young appeared on the mound in the 9th inning against Incheon SSG on April 16 with a 4-3 lead.

With two outs, I met Choi Jeong and threw three balls in a row, and got a strike with a fastball.

He then challenged the game again with a fastball and ended up giving Choi Jeong the game-tying home run and his 467th home run of his career.

After the game, Choi Jeong praised Jeong Hae-young’s fighting spirit by saying, ‘If you want to become a closing pitcher for a team, you have to be at this level.’

Starting on the 11th, nearly two months later, KIA and SSG will again play a three-game series at SSG Landers Field in Incheon.

It was a golden opportunity for Jeong Hae-young, who had hit a tying home run to Choi Jeong and allowed a walk-off home run to Han Yu-seom, to get revenge.

When asked ahead of today’s game, ‘Will we have a fastball match again when I meet Choi Jeong?’, Jeong Hae-young grinned and said, “I have grown a lot since then, so I plan to mix the balls smartly this time.” 파워볼사이트

He emphasized, “Of course, I have pride, but my pride goes up only when the team wins. I will only think about (the team) winning, no matter what.”

In the three-game series between KIA and SSG held in Gwangju from the 10th to the 12th of last month, the match between Jeong Hae-young and Choi Jeong did not take place.

Jeong Hae-young said, “I wanted to meet again in Gwangju, my home stadium, but there was no chance. Of course, I would like to strike out with a fastball, but the baseball field here (Incheon) is small, so that won’t be possible.”

He also predicted, “Whether I catch it with a fastball or a breaking ball, I will only think about getting an out. Also, my breaking ball is not bad these days, so I will throw a good ball today.”

Jung Hae-young did not forget to say thank you to Choi Jeong.

The saying, ‘If you want to become a closing pitcher for a team, you have to be at this level’ was a great comfort to Jeong Hae-young, who made his first blown save of the season.

Jeong Hae-young said, “I was really grateful to senior Choi Jeong for saying such wonderful words. Thanks to that, I also stopped feeling discouraged and gained confidence.” 한국야동

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