Incheon is set to host a two-game series of Chuseok holiday

A two-game Chuseok holiday home football series will be played in Incheon, and a number of events are scheduled

Incheon United has prepared an eventful schedule for its two Chuseok holiday home matches.

“Incheon United has prepared an abundance of events ahead of the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ Round 32 home match against Suwon Samseong on Sept. 30 at the Incheon Football Stadium and the ‘AFC Champions League 2023-24’ Group Stage 2 home match against Kaya FC Iloilo on Oct. 3,” the club announced on Sunday.

As of 1 p.m. on Sept. 27, three days before the match, there were 8,420 advance ticket holders for the home game against Suwon on Sept. 30. This is the second-highest number in the 23rd season. The previous record was 10,013 D-3 tickets for the May 14 match against Jeonbuk Hyundai, which drew a crowd of 15,000, and 6,448 tickets for the Sept. 3 match against the Pohang Steelers, which drew a crowd of nearly 10,000.

Incheon has recently organized a live signing announcement event for fans to coincide with the return of star player Mugosa, provided the club’s season documentary “On the Pitch” on Coupang Play OTT to expand its reach, invited Incheon fan favorite and “popular actor” Shin Hyun-soo to be the home game starter, expanded interaction with the players at home games, and held a donation relay for the local community. As a result, the average paid attendance for the 2023 season has exceeded 8,000.

For this home game against Suwon, the team has prepared various events for fans. First, the North Plaza will host a traditional game event for the whole family to enjoy during the Chuseok holiday. In addition, there will be a physical game with non-playing players on the pitch, and prizes will be awarded to those who answer the quiz correctly.

In the Heineken Pub in seat E, the squad will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans. In addition, the club has organized a pre-match ceremony to commemorate the 100th appearance in the K League for ‘Pabum’s Express Train’ Gerso, and a total of 10 food trucks will be available at the North Plaza and S-Seat gates for hungry fans on Saturday evening.

Three days after the Suwon game, the club’s first home game in the ACL main stage awaits. The opponent is Kaya FC Iloilo, the number one team in the Philippines. Kaya is currently leading the Philippine Football League with a dominant record. Incheon has already proven its competitiveness in Asia with a 4-2 away win against Yokohama in the first leg of the ACL on September 19. With the win, Incheon sits atop Group G.

Incheon will be eager to extend their ACL winning streak by defeating Kaya in their second game and first historic home game. Incheon will look to continue their winning streak at home, led by an offense that has been on a roll, scoring nine goals in their last five games.

“We hope that many fans will come to the stadium to support Incheon’s entry into the Final A and their first ever AFC Champions League home game,” said Incheon CEO Lee Jae-su. “We have prepared well for the home game to give our fans a special experience. Bring your family, friends and acquaintances and enjoy Incheon soccer during the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

If you have any questions about the league home game against Suwon and the ACL home game against Kaya, 온라인카지노 please contact the club’s official website via ChannelTalk chat.

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